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My name is Sugary Snicket, and I am an oboist, Myst lover, writer, and Saavedro fan. I have written over 50 poems, stories, fanfictions, and one-shots; and I have published over 300 pieces of fanart and original work. I am an active member of the Narayani Collective and a Team Member over at MystCommunity. I speak some Spanish and love to create things.

My love for Myst began two years ago, when I first found these brilliant games. The first game was beautiful; even now, in 2008, it takes my breath away. I became interested in it after finding an old, dusty Myst game guide in my basement and read it. the idea behind Myst fascinated me, and, being a curious person by nature, I made up my mind that I simply had to play this game. I did, was blown away, and was hooked instantly.

It was then that I remembered that I had an old, five-disk copy of Riven somewhere. I found it and finally played through it. Riven was even better than Myst, but I never have been an uber-fan of it. The dry, crumbling age thing never got to me, and I did not like Gehn whatsoever. Regardless, Riven was still beautiful, and at the end of the game, I missed it. I may love Myst III: Exile, but I swear that I left half of my heart in Riven.

I eventually found Myst III: Exile, and I was simply amazed. The ability to look everywhere was awesome, and I quite simply got lost in the gorgeousness and intrigue of the worlds - Amateria, especially. It was here that I met Saavedro. Yes, Saavedro - the hammer-toting, revenge-bent crazy from an awesome age. When I first played Exile, he scared the pants off of me. I was frightened by him, but he also really got under my skin. He was like a nagging doubt in the back of my mind; even though I knew that he was in Narayan, I kept thinking that he was right behind me the whole time, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike... Brilliant feeling. I love the paranoia of Exile; the rushed feeling. It's pure adrenaline, and adrenaline is, as they say, my anti-drug. :)

In fact, Saavedro got to me so much that I became a huge fan of both him and Brad Dourif, the actor who portrayed him. I made a plushie of him. I made a Saavedro costume and wore it last year for Halloween. I drew loads of fanart. I made videos and began to write poetry about him. I knew I didn't have a crush on him or anything (and I DON'T - let's get that straight right now), but he's just so... interesting. I felt like he didn't get the tribute he deserved. He was not just a psychotic revenge robot - he was a person with emotions and a story to tell. Thus, Locusani: Saavedro's Tale was born.

It is now 2008, and I am still just as passionate about Saavedro as ever. As a matter of fact, I have many videos about him and Myst in general on my Youtube account and several more pieces of fanart. He's creepy in a good way - come on, you know you shivered a little when he told you that you were stuck with him on Narayan forever! - and after running around in my Saavedro costume, yelling "No!" and hitting people with the plush mallet that goes with the costume, I've come to the conclusion that Brad must have had a lot of fun with him. Everyone likes Saavedro, if only a little bit. Yes, even you. Besides, isn't it so satisfying to finally see him go home?

A Note from the WebMystress...

It seems to me that a lot of people have been connecting my deep love for Saavedro as a character with the strange idea that I love Saavedro himself. It's everywhere.

I think Saavedro himself can best clear this up, so I'll let him answer:

 "No. No! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!"

I DO NOT, IN ANY WAY, HAVE A CRUSH ON SAAVEDRO, nor do I ever wish to. I do NOT find him attractive in any way; I do not have fantasies about him, and I in no way desire to be Tamra. I am a Saavedro FAN, not a Saavedro FANGIRL. Fan... Fangirl... big difference.

Here. I'll show you. Let's ask Wikipedia to define 'Fan' for us. 

From Wikipedia on Fans:

"A Fan is someone who has an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking of a sport, person, group of persons, character company, product, work of art, idea, or trend. Fans of a particular thing constitute its fanbase or fandom. They may start a fan club, write fan mail, or engage in similar activities."

Seeing as I obviously can't write fan mail to Saavedro, I have to manifest my fandom of him in other ways - fanfiction and fanart, for example. I'm a very big fan of Myst and Saavedro, but I don't obsess over it.

Now let's look at the meaning of 'Fangirl'... 

From Wikipedia on Fangirls: 

"The term Fangirl can be used to describe a female member of a fandom community (counterpart to the masculine "fanboy"). Fangirls tend to be more devoted to emotional and romantic aspects of their fandom, especially shipping. Fangirl behavior can vary in intensity. On one end of the scale are those that, while harboring a crush on a particular actor or character, are perfectly capable of understanding that the fulfilment of the crush is never going to happen. On the other end are the girls who are said to be obsessive in their claims on a fictional character, even fighting with other fangirls over who 'owns' the character in question."

As you can see, there is a big difference. While I am a fangirl of certain characters, Saavedro simply is not one of them (Will Turner is, though! Mmmm... Orlando Bloom... *drools*) for several reasons:

  1. Saavedro is married to Tamra. He friggin' painted her on the wall of his room. That means that he loves Tamra a great deal. Tamra herself waited twenty years for her lover to return. Which means that she loves Saavedro a great deal. I just wouldn't feel right if I tore them apart by saying I loved Saavedro, even if it is only metaphorically.
  2. Saavedro is not the most good-looking of guys. He's old enough to be my dad, and I don't go for guys with messy long hair in general. I'm sure he's a nice guy (barring the exile), but I just do not find him physically attractive... though I'm sure a younger, well-groomed, twenty-something Saavedro might have been.
  3. Saavedro happens to have issues. This makes him an extremely interesting and moving character, but kind of puts a roadblock in any romantic relations outside of his own wife. And it's just generally not a good idea to date the mentally unstable. :)
Therefore, everyone saying that I love Saavedro is unfounded, because I do not love him in that way. The only thing it'll get you is an annoyed response from me. So don't do it. Please.


My Writings

I'm known as Sugary Snicket over at, and my profile is here. I write lots for Myst, but recently I have ventured into Phantom of the Opera territory. I also have stories up for A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and other fandoms besides. I generally write poetry and humor, but I've also done some work in other genres.

I have a different account at a different site under the name SugarRayne for my original work. You can find my original writings here. I write mainly poetry and short horror stories, but I sometimes do the occasional fantasy work.

My Videos

I was once known as MystressDark13 on Youtube, but due to my old account being deleted, I am now known as The Phantom Safety Pin (This is a reference to the book "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux, and specifically to a trick that the titular Phantom played involving the opera house managers, a safety pin, and some money). I mostly make fanvideos. Because I'm a nice guy, I've posted a Youtube videoframe here for you to use. Just type in my username and all my videos should pop up. I'm currently working on getting all my videos back up, which will take some time. My Youtube channel is here, if you're interested.

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