Lost Souls...

Guest Book Rules

Leave me a message telling me what you like about my site, Locusani, my various creations, and me in general... or just proclaim your love for Saavedro and Myst III: Exile in general; that's cool, too. :)

I do have a few rules:

  1. Do not swear. Do not even think about swearing. It will not be tolerated; not even mincing or disguising the word will be tolerated.
  2. Please do not post in ALL CAPS or CaMeL cApS. It's really annoying. Watch your chatspeak and 13375p33|<, too.
  3. I do not want porn. So don't post pr0n links or pictures. It's just not cool, okay?
  4. Don't post links to virus-infected stuff. Please. I do not want to get a virus, and neither does anyone else.
  5. I do not tolerate trolling, bullying, or spam. Ever.
  6. Making fun of Saavedro: Don't do it, unless it's a joke. Jokes about his hammer and squees are tolerated. Saying "OMGWTFBBQ I HAT SaVeRRdo!!!!!1!!!!!!11oneoneone" is not.
The breaking of any of these rules is punishable by Saavedro physically attacking you with his hammer. XD


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