Lost Souls...

The Escape...

So, you have found the way out... Are you perhaps ready to escape the exile that is this website, or are you afraid that you will reach naught but dead ends, leaving you trapped here forever?

Below are my links and affiliates. Please check them out and tell their owners what you think of them.


Those who have joined e-hands with me and have becomes sister sites with mine are here.


You are no longer in exile... You are no longer alone...


The Opposite of Fate

A site dedicated to the wonderful story "The Opposite of Fate", written by Mysteria13. Sirrus reawakens years after the events of Myst IV: Revelation, given a second chance at life by the Ancestors of Serenia's Dream world. When the Stranger, a sarcastic archaeologist, finds out about this, an adventure full of romance and intrigue ensues, an old villain from Myst's past return, and a new ending to the story that it Myst is written. Highly recommended reading.


Kefrith's Myst Fansite

The Myst fansite of the wonderful Kefrith, a fellow Myst fan and webmaster. He has several things up for you to peruse, including a quiz to see which Myst character has the most in common with you (I surprisingly got Achenar on it, and not Saavedro like I thought I would get).


The official homepage of Sugary Snicket Productions. Here, you'll find my collected stories, poems, and various other written works. Please visit my blog and leave a comment in the guestbook!



An unofficial Myst fansite devoted to giving a detailed history of Myst, Uru, and Cyan Worlds. Please stop by and pay a visit! Detailed charts, lots of information. A useful reference tool in any Myst-related work.


My links. Always useful.

  • Mystcommunity: Myst message board. Great place for discussion about anything in the Myst universe. I can be found here as Mystress. (I'm a team member! Bwahaha... fear my Hammer of correction!)
  • Narayani collective: A message board where we discuss Narayan and the culture of its people. Has a thriving RPG and is working on recreating spoken and written Narani. Lots of great information. Discussion of Saavedro abounds. XD I can be found there as Mystress also.
  • MystLore: A Wiki-based encyclopedia about the Myst universe as a whole. Loads of information; ever growing project.
  • DPWR: The D'niPedia/Writer's Ring, a great site for information. Has a forum, lots of information on all the games, archives of journals and of speech transcripts, and much more. A great place for information on the Myst universe.
  • Wine and crystal Music: Sirrus fansite created by my good friends, Tariam and Uberlutra. Lots of interesting information on the brothers' background.
  • Narayani collection: Site with some interesting stuff about Narayan. Downloads, information, things to beautify your internet profiles and computer to be found here. Old, no longer updated.
  • Narayani SymbolDex: Site that provides insight into the symbols on the tapestries we see in Narayan. Old, no longer updated.

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