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The exile is over. He has survived to live in peace, to live as a human instead of as an animal. But while the torment may be over, the story is not. There are things left unsaid, things left undone, vines left unwoven...

He remembers the agony well. He still dreams of nightmarish things and writes of unspeakable things that, if one wrong move had been made, would have changed the entire story of Exile. After all, fate is a very tenuous thing - the slightest thing can alter it forever...


Good news for everyone who's endured the long wait for the release of Locusani: Revilani - it's now up in its entirety on FFN! It is also posted in full on Mystcommunity, so if you're a member there, please take a look!

You can read about Saavedro's AU struggles in Revilani at Fanfiction.Net. Just follow the link below!

Locusani: Revilani

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The first teaser trailer for Revilani is here! I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. A trailer will be up at a later date; until then, keep your eyes peeled!


Revilani Teaser - The Diary

Director's commentary

This video was a bit of a tough task for me for two reasons. 1) I didn't have a lot to work with in the way of future-tense clips, and (2 I have been so focused on writing for The Dark Knight as of late that I sometimes caught my Saavedro impression slipping into a Joker impression. That last reason was hard enough for me because I already normally speak with a very similar accent due to where I live (Yes, some Midwesterners do indeed have a nasally twang to their voices like Heath Ledger's Joker does, mainly in Illinois and the more Southern parts of Michigan, therefore it is easy for them - especially if they are male - to do a Joker impression). After some practice, I was in the game again and I began work on the video. I purposefully wanted this trailer to have an eerily calm and suspenseful air about it, very fitting for the story to come. Oftentimes I was forced to make due with what little I had available to me, so I apologize if this isn't the best teaser in the world. In the end, however, I think it came out pretty good for what I had to work with, and it was still fun to put myself into Saavedro's sandals one last time.

For my foreign readers, here's a transcript of the entire video plus the original ideas I had for it. I stuck to it pretty well this time around, as opposed to my first attempt at a trailer when I began this project. I hope you enjoy it.


(Fade in, gentle but slightly ominous music plays. Clip of someone writing.)

Saavedro: It is truly amazing that I am safe at home only three years after my torment ended. (Clips of Narayan fade in and out throughout.) It could have gone so much worse… could have been much more horrific, but I survived it. I am grateful to be alive. Oh, I am so very grateful… (Images of Saavedro glaring, pacing, trapping a squee, etc.) And yet I still feel so guilty for what I did, and the more I think of the possibilities, of how it all could have ended, the more I realize just how fortunate I am. (These images fade out) But I have been wondering about myself lately. I ask myself questions… (Clip of Saavedro about to smash the player’s head in, hideous scare cord crescendo in music, abrupt cut to black) and the possible answers frighten me. (Fade in to Saavedro pacing, music slowly becomes more ominous) Am I really so sane (Clip of squee getting trapped) after all the horrific torture I endured? (Fade out, images of Saavedro’s murals) With all of the nightmares I have been having… I am not so sure. (Images of various ages, etc.) Should I tell Tamra? (Image of Saavedro peering up at the player in desperation)(Slight echo on the end of this last sentence, blackness as music ends. The sound of someone’s heartbeat plays, with clips of various bad endings of Exile and clips of Exile in general fading in and out with the beating. This goes for four or five beats before it goes dark.) How can I explain what I’ve been through?

(On the last beat, the words “Locusani: Revilani” fade in and then out. We hear Tamra’s voice.)

Tamra: (Slight echo, concerned) Saavedro? …Are you alright?

(A heartbeat reveals the date. A final heartbeat reveals the words “Now Playing”, and then we cut to black.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Revilani

Q: What is Locusani: Revilani about?

A: Locusani: Revilani is a look at some of the alternate endings of Myst III: Exile, but from a different perspective: Saavedro's. Quite simply, it's what might have happened if the alternate endings were real, as told by the guy who would be experiencing most of the drama.


Q: Hey, if it's a story, and it's appearing on your website, it must be a sequel to Locusani! Right?

A: It's actually more of a spinoff. While it does take place after Locusani, it's really not a continuation of Saavedro's story (as there isn't a whole lot more there to document besides his daily life in Narayan and the bad endings) so much as a rewriting of the ending of Locusani and Exile.


Q: But Sugary, why would you make an AU story? I hate AU stories and hate seeing canon ruined like that!

A: Geez, no need to get angry. As it is a story about multiple bad endings, Revilani has no choice but to be entirely AU, since the bad endings are obviously not the real ones. If you don't like AU stories, tough. You have two options. (1 shut up and at least try to read it, or (2 don't read it. I refuse to be flamed for something someone read and disliked just for being AU. Kindly STFU or GTFO.


Q: Will we see other minor characters from Locusani again?

A: You'll see the Stranger, of course, but you'll also see the retrun of Atrus and Catherine along with both of Saavedro's daughters, but their appearances are brief. The Squee/The Voice of Doubt will return, and you'll also get to see more of Tamra. No, not like that, you perverts. XD


Q: Do characters die in this story?

A: Oh, yes. One character dies at least three times in the story, and someone else also bites it, but I'm not telling who the doomed characters are. Those who are up-to-date on their Exile ending lore may have a good idea of who it is. ;)


Q: I really liked the way you promoted Locusani over on deviantART and in the Myst community. Are you going to make trailers for or otherwise promote this story, too?

A: I have a teaser up right now, and there will be a trailer eventually. Keep your eyes peeled for it. Due to recent issues, I've had to leave dA and will not be promoting this story there for a while, or probably ever. It is on FFN right now, though, so feel free to take a look at it there.


Q: Why is the title of the story Locusani: Revilani?

A: The word revilani stems from the Narayani word for reveal. In the context that the word will be used, however, it translates as something more like revelation. As a matter of fact, a good Narani translation for this story might be The Book of Lost Souls: Revelations. (If you want a good Narani translation for Locusani: Saavedro's Tale, you might consider titling it The Book of Lost Souls: The Tale of Saavedro.)


Q: How long is it?

A: The story is six chapters long if you count the prologue and epilogue. Because so many of the bad endings of Exile are extremely similar to each other, there just isn't enough there to do a longer story. I did have an alternate ending of my own slated, but I realized that the story really didn't need it, as six chapters was a fairly decent-sized fic, albeit a bit on the short side. But hey, I'm not trying to write the next Lord of the Rings trilogy here.


Q: Now that Revilani is all finished and posted, will you make a downloadable PDF of it like you did for Locusani: Saavedro's Tale? When will it be available?

A: Yes, I do plan on making a PDF file of Revilani, but I am too busy to do so right now. It will be available as soon as I can get around to making it. Extra AP Summer work is making this extremely difficult to nearly impossible to do right now, though, so all I can say is this: Keep your eyes peeled and be patient. Great things are in the future...


Q: Are you going to make a third Locusani sequel/spinoff? Will you continue to write for Myst after this project is finished?

A: Two very important words: No. Way. XD At this point, I am not planning another Locusani spinoff, sequel, or prequel because there's really nothing more about Saavedro's past, future, and life to tell. I will still write for Myst after the end of this project, and I'll certainly continue to write for Saavedro, even if it's little more than poetry. At this point, I'm really focusing more on short, original horror and poetry rather than fanfiction, but I'm not leaving the fanfiction community forever. I'll still be there, hopefully updating with a few more poems and shorter stories. I do have two other Myst stories on the docket, one of which is an A/U multi-chapter and the other of which is a short tale involving Gehn. I also have a few Dark Knight and Phantom of the Opera stories in the works as well.


Q: Will you continue to update this site now that you're done with both stories?

A: I most certainly will! This site will probably become a Narayan/Saavedro research site, with lots of information and theories. I may even make a page for the Narayani collective's reconstructed Narani alphabet/language/grammar project, but that's all in the very far future. Long story short, I will keep updating, but infrequently.


Q: If you aren't going to be here anymore, where can I find you?

A: Well, if you really want to follow my writing endeavors, try heading on over to my newest home on the web, Wordflow. Wordflow is a site all about my written works - if you liked Locusani and Revilani and want to know more about what else I write, it's the only place to be. There is a link to Wordflow in About The Author section of this site. Please visit and leave a message in the Guestbook!

The Statistics of Revilani

These are Statistics and information about the writing and publication of Locusani: Revilani.


Full Title: Locusani: Revilani

Author: Sugary Snicket

Beta Reader/Editor: Mysteria13

Started Writing Predraft: May 27, 2008

Finished Writing Predraft: July 21, 2008

Started Typing First Draft: March 8, 2009

Finished Typing First Draft: March 19, 2009

Final Draft Published: At Mystcommunity and Fanfiction.Net, July 31, 2009

PDF created: TBA

Expected PDF DOP: Winter 2009

PDF Launched: TBA


Chapters: 6

Pages: 30

Paragraphs: 435

Lines: 1,245

Words: 9,723

Characters (With Spaces): 50,306

Characters (Without Spaces): 40,984


It took months of planning writing to finish this story. Thanks again to everyone that supported me and helped me out, even if it was by just reading the final project!

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