Lost Souls...


Here, you may find downloadables and widgets. This is also where I mainly post updates, so be sure to check back frequently.

The Locusani Project and its Codenames

Locusani and everything to do with it is getting way too big to stick in one box, so I've made up different codenames based on Narani words. I'm listing them here so you know what the heck I'm talking about when I say "Project XYZ is blah blah blah."

  • Project Locus: All of the projects lumped together under one roof. Locus is short for Locusani - it's abbreviated to prevent it from getting confused with the story itself. Locusani, as you should know if you bothered to read my pages, is a shortening of the phrase "Locusani degrasa soule", which means "Place of Lost Souls".
  • Project Azhwa: A soundtrack cd that I made for the story with popular songs. This is not legal for me to share with you, as it is not my work, but I will have a tracklisting page up in the future that tells you what songs are on the cd if you want to find them and burn the soundtrack yourself. Azhwa means, as best as can be discerned, "joy".
  • Project Expidan: An effort to make a PDF version of Locusani: Saavedro's Tale that can be kept on your computer and enjoyed as you wish. Expidan means "journey".
  • Project Malisa: The actual story Locusani: Saavedro's Tale - every chapter of it. Malisa is Narani for "avenge" or "revenge" (Malisa ma means "I will avenge", by the way). Now includes Project Revilani.
  • Project Memondama: The trailers and all the bits and pieces that go with them, like scripts and music and stuff. Memondama is Narani for "Remember."
  • Project Nilashahn: All the wallpapers I've made for you to download, along with banners and other downloadable goodies. Nilashahn means "annihilation."
  • Project Havana: This very website and all the information on it is Project Havana! Havana is Narani for "haven" or "shelter." All the fanart that you guys submit gets stored under this project.
  • Project Latiste: All the stuff for the deviantART release of Locusani: Saavedro's Tale. Includes mini-adverts and the very interesting thing that I've been posting, but that has recently ended. Latiste means, as you may have already guessed, both "lattice" and "lattice tree."
  • Project Revilani: Everything to do with the Locusani spinoff Locusani: Revilani. Find out more on the new Project Revilani page. Revilani means "reveal" or "uncover." Has now been merged with Project Malisa.

Locusani: Saavedro's Tale - The PDF

Yes, it's here: The PDF version of Locusani: Saavedro's Tale. Please note that this file does not have images; I could not fit them in lest the file be too large, but the deviantART premier of the story does have them. I will also post all of the work for it later. Please note that this version of the story has some definite changes to it, such as fixed grammatical and punctuational errors. I have also added a foreword and headers.

Without further ado, I give you the PDF version of Locusani: Saavedro's Tale. I hope you enjoy it. To download, follow the link below and hit the download button on the website.


The Golden Link of Amazingness


Here's where I will post all of my updates. Please check here for news and more information on Locusani: Saavedro's Tale and its upcoming spinoff, Locusani: Revilani. In compensation, however, I am thinking of advertising it on YouTube in a similar way to how I did Locusani, but that's a BIG maybe at this point. Keep those eyes peeled, folks!

8/27/09 - First Revilani desktop is up for download. Added a link to my new Myst reference site Mystolgia. Take a look if you wish.

8/19/09 - Locusani: Revilani is finished! It's up on FFN right now in its entirety and I will soon be posting a link to it, so keep your eyes peeled. I will have a PDF file of it up this Winter, but for now it is readable online. I also have the first banner for Revilani up right now and another Locusani banner up. I hope to get some more widgets up for Revilani shortly. I also have a new homepage, WordFlow; all of my written works are there and I update when I am able. The link to it is in my links, so please drop by and visit me sometime! Right now the trailer for Revilani is delayed due to Summer work. I will try to have it up when I am able, but at this point it's not looking likely that it ever will be up.

1/4/09 - Project Revilani is being beta'd. I fixed the text on the site as well, due to some complaints about the color being hard on the eyes. More on Project Revilani when it's done being beta'd. I regret to say that due to some issues on dA, I will not be advertisting Locusani: Revilani there. 

9/9/08 - Project Revilani page updated. Will update my About the Author page with information on my recent work and other things. In other words - yes, you will hear more about my short stories and other fanfiction, some of which will soon be posted on dA. XD Locusani: Revilani is currently in the process of betaing. Finishing up the end of the dA premier of Locusani. I also have a new Youtube profile under ReverseYourEars. ReverseYourEars is a channel for all of my translations of reversed songs, misheard lyrics, and possibly a rant or two (though the rants may go under another channel entirely, giving me three to manage - yikes!). There's a link to ReverseYourEars under my friends list on my Youtube channel, ThePhantomSafetyPin, and I think there's also a link to it under my subscribers on the same account.

7/16/08 - Very minor updates to the Project Revilani page. Working title for the project released. I'll probably have it up on the Narayani collective and beta'd sometime in August, right around the same time as Locusani was. To those on dA waiting for the next part of Locusani, I'll be gone all next week due to Band camp. I'm already scraping for time to finish typing Project Revilani before then, so it'll be more like Sunday before you get the next chapter, as I'm going to be so tired from the week at camp that I'll really need some time to rest. Until then, keep it frosty. XD 

7/3/08 - Happy early Independence Day, all! XD I've just added a new page for Project Revilani and changed the "Revilani" page's name to "The Lair" to keep people from getting confused about the two pages and to better reflect the background graphic on that page. On the new Project Revilani page, you can find out a little more about the project and exactly what it's all about.

6/1/08 - Happy Summer Break, everyone! I finally got the trailers for Locusani back up, and I'm working on adding some more stuff to the site. Project Revilani is coming along swimmingly and should be ready very, very soon. I also have been working on posting Locusani over on deviantART, so I suggest you take a look at that. It's got great illustrations by me and Faeliscity and some better editing. Hopefully, everyone's enjoying it. XD

5/22/08 - Hello, dear fans... been a long time. You may have noticed that my trailers are not working right now. That is due to Youtube randomly deleting my account for no reason. I apologize for this issue and hope to have them back up soon. In other news, Saavedro has invaded deviantART. That's right, Locusani: Saavedro's Tale is now on deviantART, with spiffy chapter art by me and my good friend Faeliscity. Updates for the story will come around every weekend, usually every Saturday if at all possible, but I may post early this week due to it being Memorial Day Weekend and almost summertime. I'm excited at how far Locusani has come, and I hope that you are, too. Also, I have finished the planning and most of the work for Project Revilani. I plan to start working more on the final details this summer, and you should have an update on it within the next few months or so. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for new stuff on this site - it's changing all the time!

4/18/08 - Aaaand Project Expidan is up and ready for download! See the link above for more information. The PDF took me a very long time and needed a lot of editing to fix the glaring grammar errors in the first version... It has nice, shiny headers and page numbers and a cover, and it also has a nice, spiffy foreword. I also added a little new fanart, so be sure to take a look at that, too.

4/6/08 - Project Expidan is almost ready for download! It'll be here as soon as I finish the PDF. Fixed a few Narani language and syntax issues on some of the pages. Working on getting more fanart for the site - the fish just aren't biting, alas. Hopefully that will change soon. More banners and avatars would also be appreciated. *hint* *hint* *hiiiiiinnntttt*

3/17/08 -  Project Expidan's been put on hold for a bit, as have all the other projects, due to family issues. I will continue working on it; expect the final draft soon... after I get everything done... By the way, I tried adding images, and it just didn't work out, so unfortunately, the PDF will not have any images. I will post my work for it here, under fanart, in a section designated for my drawings. In other news, I added a bit of info on the interesting etymology of the age names under "The Lattice Tree". Go check it out, why don't you? Also in recent news, a very good friend of mine has lent her talent for photo editing to the making of some gorgeous banners, wallpapers, and avatars, which will be up soon. And yes, they will be available for download. XD

3/7/08 - Project Expidan is coming along beautifully. I should have a pictureless version of the PDF ready for download soon - I only need to finish some minor grammatical editing with it, and it'll be ready for the masses. I've also added a fanart gallery - scroll down to see it! If you'd like your artwork added, please leave me a message in the guestbook with a link to your picture. If you have an account on deviantART or any other artwork site, please give me a link to that as well, so that I may properly credit you.

2/28/07 - Project Expidan is halfway there! I have a very rough version of the PDF ready, and I'm working out grammar and spelling errors now. Also added a foreword to the beginning and a title page. Still working on the pictures for it - if anybody, anyone at all out there is a good artist, and I mean REALLY GOOD, I'd love a little help with this. I could also use a few good netizens to make banners and avatars for download. Leave me a message in the guestbook if you'd like to help out. I've merged Project Revilani and Project Malisa, seeing as they're both of the same... er, idea, so to speak. No, I'm still not telling you what Project Revilani is, so stop asking. :) Oh yeah, I also added a bit to the J'nanin page about the stats of my story. It's always good, I figure, to have a little technical info up!

2/23/08 - Final trailer is up and ready for viewing! Please watch and enjoy. I have released the teaser on deviantART and therefore effectively announced Locusani: Saavedro's Tale to my fellow deviants. Website posting will be done on deviantART after I get the story about one-third to halfway posted. In that time, the link for the story will be posted elsewhere on this site, hidden from deviants who might attempt to cheat by reading ahead. No wait... maybe I'll post the link to here after the whole story is up... The PDF version of Locusani is coming soon. More updates on this later! 

2/22/08 - Added more information under The Lattice Tree. Will have a third trailer up soon. Locusani PDF is coming, but still not yet done. I will soon release the title and information on Locusani: Saavedro's Tale on deviantART, seeing as the nifty thing I've been doing there is coming to an end. Awww... and it was so fun,   too... :(

2/19/08 - Fixed some fuzzy timeline logic under "Twenty Years? ORLY?" on the "The Lattice Tree" page. Also added information about the ice shields and fixed some stuff there. Added new page to house links and affiliates. The PDF version of Locusani: Saavedro's Tale is coming; I just need to finish drawing and coloring all the pictures for it and get them all scanned in (Only half of them are done and scanned in right now, and those are black and white images). New Trailer coming soon. Very interesting stuff going on for the pre-release of Locusani over at my deviantART page! Why not go check it out?

2/17/08 - As you can see, I've added a banner for the site. XD Said banner was created for me by the lovely Gehn, Lord of Ages of Mystcommunity. Thanks, Gehn - I appreciate it. A new trailer for Locusani is now up and available for viewing. I've finished the preliminary copy of the upcoming PDF for Locusani: Saavedro's Tale - but there's no illustrations or cover yet. I'll also be posting the artwork I've done for Locusani here, along with the illustrations of anyone else who helps out. I may add links to some of my other Mystfic if you guys are nice and leave lots of comments. ;) Also, totally unrelated to Locusani, but the Showtime original series Dexter is going to be airing tonight for the first time on CBS, so if you've been waiting to see this awesome show, you needn't wait any longer. :)

2/14/08 - Happy Valentine's Day! I finally edited that ugly link into a video that you can watch on this very site, courtesy of YouTube. Hope you enjoy it! A PDF version of Locusani will be available for download, hopefully soon. Any help with this, such as illustrations for it, would be great!

2/13/08 - BIG update... Teaser trailer for Locusani now up. YouTube's being dumb, though, so I only have the link up right now. When it's done being stupid, I might have the actual video up for you... >.<  Added some new wallpapers. Looking for a few good Netizens to make some banners and avatars for my site. Any information about anything Saavedro or Myst III: Exile is appreciated greatly. Please leave me a note in the guestbook if you'd like to help out. It's also come to my attention that some people are not able to see my guestbook. If you're one of those people, you can send me a PM with your comments at Mystcommunity forums - just send it to Mystress. I'll be setting up an email address specifically for comments and questions about my site soon, so if PMing me doesn't work, you can contact me that way and I'll... er... copy the comments into the guestbook for you. :)

2/8/08 - Added another section for my speculation. Added some more wallpapers. Finished all trailers for Locusani: Saavedro's Tale. Been posting Locusani on Mystcommunity. Will try to update site more throughout the following weeks. Still contemplating the addition of some author's commentary stuff. Thinking about making Locusani into a downloadable PDF, complete with pictures and cover. May post some of my short Myst stories and poems here, too, but that's all in the future for now.

2/6/08 - Added some wallpapers for download. Teaser for Locusani coming soon. There is now a link to Locusani: Saavedro's Tale on Fanfiction.Net on the main page. Links section coming soon. New section with info on my speculation and unfinished thoughts might be coming soon, but is currently on the back burner. May post some making-of stuff and commentary later. Any help in this matter is appreciated. 

2/3/08 - Okay, so I finally got this site somewhat finished-looking. I've got a link to Locusani on the main page now, and I'm excited to say that I'll soon have some downloadables and widgets. I'm moving the information on my stuff to the About the Author page soon, and there will soon be links as well. Until then, hang tight - nothing's been set in stone yet, and this site may grow to be even bigger than I expect it to be!


Here is where the trailers I have made for Locusani will be posted.

All trailers now up! More may come, but this is very unlikely at this point. See below for new trailer.



 Locusani Teaser: Saavedro Speaks


 Director's commentary:

Okay, so my aim with this teaser was to create a general sense of unease. I have various clips, like various memories flashing by, effectively having one of three effects on the viewer: either A) you are listening to Saavedro and envisioning what he saw, B) Saavedro is talking to himself and remembering, or c) You are Saavedro, listening to yourself talk and remembering what has happened. Take your pick; they're all viable choices... XD

Yes, that is my real voice as Saavedro. Yes, I know I sound... too feminine. That's kind of because I'm a girl and I therefore do not sound like Brad Dourif at all. XD Some clips were taken from other sources outside of the game - needless to say, none of the clips belong to me, not even the music, which I mixed by hand from several tracks written by uber-genius Jack Wall.

A transcript of the monologue from this trailer is below. I modified it from several of Saavedro's journal excerpts, along with some dialogue of my own. If you, for some reason, have a hard time with spoken English or need it for reference, here's what I, as Saavedro, say:

Saavedro (Voice-Over): It is coming back to me. Slowly. The knowledge of who I am. How long I have been trapped here. So much of it is blurry. I want to remember…  But the memory fades, and I cannot find it again. But I know that I am angry. So very angry… And I remember pain, misery, anguish. I remember a man. Two men. I remember destruction. But the memories flood over me too fast. They race around inside my head, filling my soul with despair. And the more I think about how nothing can be done, how no one can be alive outside his shield, the faster the fog rushes in. But I must not forget. I must remember every lie they told my people. How they manipulated us all to get what they wanted! They said they would come back, just like Atrus once said to me. He said he would come back... but then he didn't. And for that, Atrus and his family will suffer... The way I have suffered for years.

 (Various clips flash by. The title Locusani: Saavedro's Tale explodes on screen. It fades out, then...)

Saavedro: We're stuck here, you know...



 Locusani Trailer #1: Sacrifice and Survival


 Director's commentary:

With this trailer, I wanted to do something really classic - so I decided to forgo the characters speaking and did a narration. I also wanted to do something with strong words and verbs, like "Betrayal" and "Revenge" - the result is the flashing by of words and clips that you see here.

Those with adept ears may notice that I used part of the trailer music for Myst IV: Revelation at the end of this trailer. I couldn't help it - it was so dramatic and so perfect for what I wanted to do, and Serani (Another Jack Wall-created language) does sound suspiciously similar to Narani...

My voice is ridiculously lowered in this one... it sounds rather fake at parts, I think, but I'll let you decide on that one. I do speaking in all these trailers, by the way - the third one is the opposite of this one, with several characters speaking and no narrator, and I do Saavedro, Tamra, and the Voice of Doubt/The Squee - the rest of them are all from the trailer for Myst III: Exile or from Myst III: Exile itself. There are some clips of Saavedro himself speaking in this one, though - so Saavedro doesn't sound like a whiny teenage girl in this one. XD

A transcript of the dialogue from this trailer is below. If you, for some reason, have a hard time with spoken English or need it for reference, here's what Saavedro and the narrator say: 

Narrator (Voice-Over): In every world – In every age –  there is a delicate balance... of nature and mechanics, of creature and human, and of life and death. In such a world, only the strong survive. But survival comes with a price… And when the price is your very sanity, it can lead to chaos.

(Saavedro appears from the shadows. He speaks…)

Saavedro: Hello, Atrus…

(We see words and various clips flash by. After this, we see a flash of white, and the title “Locusani: Saavedro’s Tale”, in Saavedro’s handwriting, appears. A flash of light reveals the words “Now Playing”, written in Saavedro’s handwriting, which slowly zooms in. Then…) 

Saavedro (Voice-Over): Don’t keep me waiting forever.



 Locusani Trailer #2: Dark Voices


 Director's commentary:

Okay, okay, I give - I added my voice to this one, too. I simply had too much fun monologuing as Saavedro in the teaser and as the narrator in the first trailer to NOT do it. My aim with this one was to be really dramatic while having as little narration as possible - just quotes from the characters - thus the phrases flashing by. Every quote you hear in this video is found in either the game, the story, or both, and one of them is even from the Myst III: Exile trailer. I also have some actual clips of Saavedro himself speaking in this one, juxtaposed with my real voice. The juxtaposition between my voice and the clips of the real Saavedro speaking is meant to highlight his insanity, which makes, I think, for a very good effect on the viewer.

The music for this trailer is the often-used extra music and main theme from Myst III: Exile, both written by Jack Wall. I had issues with the Myst III theme in Audacity, which I used to edit and piece together the sounds and music. I had to re-speed it up to the real tempo, because it wouldn't behave with the time track. :) I also needed more clips for the Narayan pan at the beginning, so I took Fraps into the game and recorded it. Unfortunately, the cursor and inventory, along with an ugly watermark, is on the shots I used, so it doesn't look very professional at points. Sorry about that.

You may also notice that I lend my voice elsewhere besides as Saavedro. Tamra speaks a bit, and so does the very creepy Voice of Doubt/The Squee. For Tamra, I tried to make my voice very feminine and almost lilting, very melodic - Saav's love for her is what keeps him barely hanging on later, and he sees her as the light of his life, so Tamra deserved a kindly, melodic voice that reflects that. The voice clips for The Squee have no prior editing, save for a nifty reverb effect. Yes, that creepy whispering is really me speaking in a harsh, dark whisper. That is actually exactly what I've always imagined The Squee to sound like, but you may have other ideas as to its true voice. Brr... It gives me chills to listen to...

A transcript of the dialogue from this trailer is below. If you, for some reason, have a hard time with spoken English or need it for reference, here's what everyone says:

Saavedro: Look, Atrus. This is what I see, every single morning. It inspires me beyond words. I will teach you, show you how to weave, how to tend the vines... (He pauses.) This is my world, Atrus. This is Narayan.

Tamra: Saavedro… say something! This cannot bode well for Narayan… 

(Words, reading "They destroyed his home..." appear. Music intensifies. Images of Sirrus and Achenar, Saavedro, J’nanin and fire flash by as Saavedro speaks in voice-over.)

Saavedro: Your sons, Atrus… do you know what they did? (Words appear, reading "They took his family...") They burned their Myst linking books in front of me! (Yet more words appear, reading "They left him stranded...") They took everything I had!

(More words, reading "And now..." Sirrus and Achenar’s picture frame explodes in fire. Various age clips.) 

Saavedro: We're stuck here, you know…

(Clip of a squee being trapped as The Squee speaks. Various clips follow.)

Squee: You’re going to die here…

Saavedro: I don’t want to die! I don’t!

Saavedro: Look at your world… look at what’s left of it!

Saavedro: Not so easy, is it, Atrus? (We see a book opening, then…)

Squee: (The words “He will seek revenge.” appear as this is said.) Locusani…

(Fire, chaos, a jumble of clips and confusion.) 

Saavedro: Atrus? Is that you?

Saavedro: You actually thought this would work? When are you going to get it through your thick skull that you do not matter to him!

Tamra: Saavedro!

Saavedro: No!

(Flash, then the title “Locusani: Saavedro’s Tale” appears, written in Saavedro’s handwriting. Saavedro appears from the shadows, sheds a single tear, and disappears into the shadows again. The words "Now Playing" are shown, slowly zooming in. Fade to black.)


Here is where I will post all of the downloadable goodies for Locusani: Saavedro's Tale. From wallpapers to trailer music, here's the spot for everything you might want.


Avatars by Faeliscity:

There are small 50x50 ones and larger 100x100 ones - take your pick!




Banners by Gehn, lord of ages:

Banners by Faeliscity:

Beware, these banners are huge! Resizing might be necessary. 


Here are some wallpapers for you to use.

Wallpapers by Faeliscity:

Wallpapers by Gehn, Lord of Ages:

Wallpapers by Sugary Snicket:

I have them for both typical 800x600 monitors and 1600x1200 monitors. These are all of them. Hope you like them - they took a VERY long time...

Fanart Gallery

Here is where you may find artwork drawn by those who liked Locusani: Saavedro's Tale enough to create fanart for it. You are allowed to download this artwork freely, but please do not pass it off as your own. It's hard enough to take flames and stuff without having to deal with art thieves, too. All characters and places in here are the property of their respective creators and as such are not the artists'. I and the artists whose works are displayed here are not in any way affiliated with Brad Dourif. I am not Brad Dourif, either. And I highly doubt that you are Brad Dourif (Unless I'm wrong - in that case, I would just like to say that I am a huge fan and I would like it very much if you would please tell me what you think about my site). There. Disclaimers over.

Want your artwork here? Got a picture that you'd like to share? Leave me a notice in my guestbook along with a link to your picture and to your deviantART (or any other artwork site) if you have an account. I can use as much fanart as possible!

  • Exiled by Elorviel. Alright, honestly? I love the empathy and realism of this piece. Elorviel has done a brilliant job with shading and texture, and the result is amazing. It's beautiful - she's really captured a lot  of emotions in this profile portrait of Saavedro: sorrow, anger, fear, hatred, even determination. It's beautiful conceptually as well as visually, with the sweeping view of nighttime J'nanin in the background. It captures the imagination a bit - how many times has Saavedro stood and looked out at his surroundings like this, wondering what will become of him?
  • Remember by Elorviel. This is a gorgeous rebuilding of the portrait of Tamra on the wall in Saavedro's room in J'nanin. The green in the eyes immediately draws you to them, making you feel as if Tamra really is looking at you. It's a soft, beautiful piece, and it really does a good job with deeper meaning - parts of it are faded and smudged a bit, suggesting Saavedro forgetting about this very meaningful memory. This only makes the eyes seem all the more accented, which of course were the most important part of Saavedro's painting. The small, faded Narayani symbol for 'remember' at the bottom is a beautiful touch. All in all, it's an amazingly symbolic piece, beautiful in its softer feel.
  • The Other by Faeliscity, character design and style by Halley42. I. Adore. This. Piece. Faeliscity does a brilliant job of rendering a helpless, lost Saavedro staring at a younger version of himself in the water. The true genius, however, comes not from the detail (though it is exceptional), but from the reversed colors, giving the piece a surreal, almost nightmarish quality and suggesting that the ragged, older Saavedro is under the water and the younger Saavedro is above water. The position of his shoulder pad, however, gives it away - the real Saavedro is the ragged one. All in all, it's a beautiful, multifaceted and poignant take on Saavedro's journal excerpt about seeing his reflection and not recognizing himself.

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